Backlit Color Display Entry System

LIVE remote video surveillance

Key Features:

Display: A vibrant 4.3″ screen with an adjustable font size ensures easy readability. The backlit color display is both attractive and functional.

User Experience:

Easy Navigation: Navigate seamlessly with a stainless steel keypad, equipped with recessed, illuminated blue keys.
Intuitive Design: Features a durable polycarbonate home key enhanced with white illuminated backlighting.
Clear Communication: Digital signal processing ensures reduced noise interference and crystal-clear voice clarity.

Sensors & Camera: Comes equipped with a motion sensor, ambient light sensor, and an option to include an HD IP camera for enhanced security and surveillance.

Robust Security:

Enhanced Locking: Integrated with a postal lock and a 3-point locking mechanism for maximum security.
Expandable Doors: The e3 Entry system starts with 2 doors and can be expanded to accommodate up to 36 doors.


Sleek Design: Option to internally mount a reader, ensuring an elegant and streamlined appearance.
Included Hardware: Package contains 4 in/out readers, a MegaCode Receiver, a TTY Port, a Power Transformer, and all required mounting hardware.
Compatibility: Fully compatible with all 2-wire telephony systems.

Advanced Capabilities:

Remote Management: Enables remote management capabilities. Order the custom RMC 2.0 (Remote Management Console) for effortless programming through any browser.
Connectivity: Comes with an integrated Networking/TCIP Port, RS485, RS422 Port, and TTY Port.

Build & Durability: Crafted with a sturdy metal housing complemented by a resilient stainless steel faceplate.

Power: Comes with a provided DC plug-in power supply that powers two modules & readers.

Manufacturer Part Number: 720-100136

This advanced entry system combines technology with design, ensuring both security and elegance for your premises.